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 Once your profile is completed, you can tag anyone to join your sportzmad network.

Are you a sports person, sports player, athlete, challenger, competitor, contester, professional then this is the category for you to choose.


 We are proud to include a category which will allow professionals as yourself to join with our intention of introducing new talent.  SportzTag gives you the opening to tag and follow talent anywhere in the world... if you fall under the following category of scout, talent scout, inquirer, informer, observer, recruiter, coach then this is the category for you to choose.

Fan / Follower

Do you consider yourself an enthusiast, a fan or would like to follow your favourite club, association, professional or athlete, then this is the category for you to choose. 

Club / Association

 Where would the world of sport be without a foundation?   All associations, clubs, groups and companies are welcome to register.  create your own homepage.   keep members, supporters and fans up to date.